We realise most small or home businesses are not in a position to afford a full time IT Director but at times require advice and assistance to grow in size or in their portfolio offerings. At Hampton Associates we are able to provide the expertise to assist with your day to day IT support and with your ongoing strategy.

With over ten years of experience in Apple Solutions, Google’s App sphere, and SaaS cloud solutions we are ideally placed to make a significant contribution from day one. 

Our input can be anything from a non-executive consultant's role upto an IT manager intrinsically involved in the day to day running of your IT, on a simple sub contract basis. 

Whether you have system or network problems, are unsure you are fully levering your existing systems, require training, maintenance support or full fledged planning and IT management as you move systems to the cloud, we can assist you by managing your technical requirements and letting you get on with your business.